Fix Belkin Router Orange Light Flashing Or Solid

How To Fix Belkin Router Orange Light Flashing Or Solid?

5 Quick Ways To Fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange Or Solid

Belkin Router flashing orange light or suddenly turning from green to orange is a signal of something went wrong with device either connection or internet settings. Belking Router comes with a different model number with different Wireless speeds so LED light color might be red, blue, green, white, or any others. Flashing LED light on Belkin router means there is something wrong in connection so do not confuse with light color if your router has a different color than amber. If you have Belkin Ac1200, Belkin N600, or Belkin N300 Router and facing an orange light problem and the internet stop working seems the internet cable or configuration problem starts flashing orange in the Belkin router. Before fixing the amber light on the Belkin router flashing or solid issue you have to understand the meaning of the orange light on the Belkin router that usually does not come during the normal working status of the Belkin router.

Why Belkin Router Flash Amber Light?

The orange light is also called Amber so if you get Amber light on the Belkin router the meaning is the same as orange light so just follow the steps given to this user guide. There are many reasons can be that turn Belkin router lights Orange and the internet down.

  • Belkin router Turn on but Internet DSL/ADSL/VDSL modem internet down or broadband cable unplugged.
  • Router Overheating and Belkin router hanged.
  • Belkin router flashing Orange or stuck Orange solid light due to outdated firmware or invalid firmware.
  • Belkin router not configured properly with internet settings so showing Orange light of down internet status.

If you know the reason for flashing orange amber light on Belkin wireless or wired router then you know how to fix it using simple steps. Although you can follow the steps below to fix your router showing orange light and you can use the internet since Orange light starts flashing.

How to Fix Belkin Router Flashing Orange Light?

You must be worried when the Belkin router flashes orange (amber) light because your internet may stop working or it’s too slow or frequent disconnection. You can fix an orange light issue with the Belkin router using a few DIY steps before calling internet provider support centers.

Check Broadband Connection from Modem

If your internet connection is with ADSL or Docsis modem and you getting an orange light on Belkin.

Check broadband cable coming from the modem to Belkin is properly connected. You can also check if the internet light showing down on the broadband modem to ensure the internet working from the ISP side and there is a problem between Belkin and Modem only. After confirming the internet cable connection check the next steps to fix amber light problem on the Belkin WiFi router.

Service Outage from Service providers

Sometimes if the internet is down from the service provider’s side will make an orange light flash on the Belkin router due because unable to connect internet and that shows the status of the service down. Just call to internet customer care center and confirm if any service outage in your area or from the backend sides to ensure the Belkin router working properly from your side.

Belkin Router Wrong configuration

Orange light solid or flashing in Belkin internet not working due to connection or configuration issue. If you connect the router the first time and get an orange light flashing then you have to set up the router first as per internet settings. Login Belkin router and configure WAN settings to fix orange light flashing.

Update Router Firmware

If your router running with an older firmware version and that flashing orange due to invalid or outdated firmware. Just login Belkin router and download the latest firmware as supported router model to update to the latest firmware version that will fix the orange light problem if it persists due to a firmware issue.

Power Off Router and Power ON again

Sometimes due to the router running longer time without breaking the power cycle makes the router hanging issue or malfunction that turn Orange light solid or flashing or any other color light depending on the Belkin router model. You can turn off the router for about 15-20mminut and let it cool down and turn it on again and check if still Flashing amber light or problem is fixed.

Make router factory Reset

If you have done all the above steps and still orange light showing on Belkin wireless router or modem then you can make the router factory reset to restore into default mode and setup it again. If any misconfiguration is caused by the flashing orange light on the router will fix after making it reset and configured again.

Final Words

These are the simple way to fix orange light flashing on Belkin Router that let down your internet connection and your WiFi connection but shows no internet or limited connection error with yellow color marks. Just follow the above steps if you have any Bellin router either orange, Blue, Green, or Red light color depending on the different router model color might differ but troubleshooting’s steps remain the same as fixing the orange light issue.


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