Router Reset Guide to Restore Default settings

How to Reset Router to Factory Mode?

The feature of factory reset router is available in every wireless and wired router as well as cable modems to restore router into default mode if forget login username or password. Reset WiFi router required if your router frequent disconnecting wireless internet, drops internet speed as well as any other issue that can fix with the problem easily. Method of making factory default any brand router almost similar so you can use this reset guide for reset Asus router, factory reset TP-link router, Netgear router, and other brands.

There is two ways to restore the router into a factory default mode that is available in all routers. The first method is soft reset which required a login router web interface and the second method is hard reset using a tiny reset switch that does not require login. This article will provide you with a simple user guide to reset router passwords using the reset button as well as software reset.

Why use Router Reset Method?

Reset feature provides to regain router access in case forget login username, Password, or IP address if DHCP server is disabled and not sure which LAN IP address configured. Resetting the wireless router and modem erase all configuration and need to be set up again as per internet settings. Some situations when you can use router reset options.


  • If router connectivity and speed are not stable and misbehaving then reset the router and setup fresh again.
  • Modem, router, or Access point DHCP disabled and forget Login IP address.
  • Forget Login username or password and can’t access web interface due to wronged username or password. Login Username and password

How to Soft Reset Router?

Soft reset is a method to restore router settings using the software option available inside router settings.

If you are facing a connectivity problem with your router or getting internet slow speed then you should use the soft reset method. Software reset required login web interface so if you can access router web interface then use software reset.

Step to Reset Router from Web Interface

The first condition to using software reset is a login router with login settings that are configured.

  • Connect router /modem using LAN cable from LAN port or WiFi connection using wifi name and password.
  • Open web browser access router LAN IP address or or or in some router these are the most common login IP address. Or use your router ip as printed to router sticker
  • Provide login username and password as printed to router sticker or use same if you already changed the password. (admin/admin or admin/password most common login credential)
  • Go to router administration – Restore/Save/Upload settings
  • Factory Default – Restore (press restore button to factory default router settings)

reset asus router

Note: Before making router reset save settings for configuration backup so you can restore settings aftee router factory reset.

After resetting the router login again and upload configuration backup to restore settings so your router can work with your internet.

Hard Reset router using the button

Making a router using the reset switch does not require login router settings. Reset using reset button called hard reset method and it is the last method to restore settings in case you lost router access. Rest method for wireless routers such as NetGear, Asus, TP-link, Tenda, D-link as well as Cable modems such as Arris modem, Spectrum, Motorola, and any other almost same. Only the login credential might different as per default login settings supported by brands and models.


Steps to restore router into factory mode

  • Locate a small reset button beside the Ethernet port or bottom side (depending on the router)
  • Use a needle or paper clip to press the reset switch.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and keep monitor led lights.
  • Release the reset button when suddenly power and other Led turn off and turn on again.
  • The router will automatically restart and restore into default mode.
  • After making router reset login with default settings and restore configuration backup or configure manually as per your internet settings.

reset router password

This is a simple way to access the router if forget the login password or the default IP address not working or an invalid username and password error getting. You can use this reset guide to restore any brand wi-fi router, a network switch, fiber ONT, ONU, DSL modem, ADSL modem reset, or any other manageable network device.


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