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How to login VSOL Fiber OLT [GPON/EPON]?

VSOL is an FTTx fiber OLT  manufacturer for connect networks using fiber cable and distributes with a larger scale. Today Wireless and cat6 networking replace with a fiber network that increases the data speed limit 10 times more so internet plan speed increasing rapidly. VSOL GPON OLT used by many companies worldwide so if you also using VSOL fiber olt and need any supports, then this article going to be useful for you.

This article will provide you simple steps to login VSOL fiber OLT device to setup VLAN, create DBA, and enable the ONU authentication method to allow connection with the ONT device installed at the client end.

OLT (optical line terminal) device available with 2PoN port (V1600G1 8 PON GPON OLT) 8 PON port and 16 pon (V1600D16) port as well. The method of accessing OLT web interface for any olt are the same whether using 2PORTN GPON OLT or 8 Port EPON OLT. You need to connect the OLT device from the management port to uplink the Ethernet port using a LAN cable to access the web interface from the browser. Power on your OLT device and follow further steps to login settings.


Default Login Settings for VSOL FTTH OLT

The default login credential printed to the sticker of olt device or user manual comes with box.

Default Login IP address for GPON OLT–

For EPON OLT Login IP address–

Default username – admin

VSOL default Password– admin

VSOL HG326RGW GPON OLT connection

The connection should proper to work your OLT device without any problem to the network.

  • OLT device having a PON port and Uplink port either Ethernet or Fiber port so follow steps to connect your OLT device.
  • Connect the PON module to the PON port and use the Fiber patch cord or Fiber splitter to connect the ONT device.
  • Use the Ethernet Uplink port to connect the internet to the OLT device or Fiber port uplink depends on your internet network uplink and OLT model support.
  • Connect MGM port to PC/Laptop LAN port.
  • Go to PC/Laptop TCP/IPv4 settings and add a static IP address or any other from network series.

DBC ONT Login Admin Username and Password

Login VSOL OLT web interface to the browser

Open a web browser and access for EPON or for GPON OLT.

Within a few seconds, login page will load asking for username and password.

OLT web management Interface

Provider default login username and password “admin”.

4GE+2FXS+WiFi GPON ONT and VSOL GPON OLT User tutorials.

After a successful login to the OLT control panel, you will land to the status page where you can check OLT hard and software version details and model number with OLT uptime and mac address details.

Now you can create a new VLAN and create a DBA profile to assign ONT device. in this article will provide you with secured OLT device with a changing the default login password.

How to change OLT Login Password?

Default login username and password almost same for many different brands so password and username for default login easily available over online.

Always change the login password during the first-time login.

Go to VSOL OLT- System configuration

User Management

User Table

Username User Role EDIT Delete


Admin Admin edit

VSoL 8 PON GPON OLT configuration

Press the Edit button to change the password for the admin user.

Username- admin

User Password – create a new login password

Confirm Password– confirm a new password.

User Role– admin (you can create a new user with limited user role)

Press save settings and log out OLT devices and login again with a new Login username and password.


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