Block Website and Apps in Airtel Xstream Fiber Modem

How to Block Website in Airtel Xstream Fiber Modem [ZTE/Nokia]

Airtel Xstream Fiber internet broadband connection is used widely to provide last-mile internet connection. Airtel used different manufacturer-powered Fiber modems such as Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, and others. To keep your internet connection secured necessary to change and update the WiFi name for your Airtel broadband connection using direct modem login as well as from Airtel apps. If you want to control your internet connection to manage website and apps schedule and access time to manage timing for your kids. You can block website URLs and Apps using Airtel Fiber ZTE modem, Airtel Xtream Nokia Fiber modem, or if using any third-party fiber modem. Read the complete article to Block Websites and Apps in the Airtel Xstream modem.

You can Enable content filtering or a Firewall option to add an extra security layer in your Airtel broadband connection to block spammy and unwanted websites. You can add websites and apps that you want to block in your network and that are not useful for your kids as well as in your offices such as social networks Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. You need to log in to the Airtel Xstream fiber modem using a web browser or from a mobile device to block sites and apps that you want to block in networks. Follow the steps to block the website in Airtel XStream ZTE FTTH modem from mobile or desktop.

Steps to block Website and Apps Access in Airtel Fiber Broadband

Airtel Xtream ZTE fiber modem or Nokia fiber modem enabled with physical LAN port for a wired connection as well as Dual band wifi network. You can use either a Wireless or LAN wired connection from the Modem Ethernet port to login into the web interface. You can also use the mobile browser to Block Websites and Apps in the Airtel Xstream ZTE Modem.


  • Connect Airtel fiber modem using LAN cable from LAN port to Computer/Laptop.
  • Use Wifi SSID 2.4G or 5.8GHz to connect using wireless from a mobile or Laptop device.
  • Open a web browser access and wait to load the login page.
  • Use the default Airtel Xstream Fiber modem login username and password as printed on your modem. Default username “admin” and default password “password”.
  • Once logged into the FTTH modem control panel now follow the below steps to block URLs and Apps.

Login Huawei FTTH ONT/ONU

Block Apps and Websites in Airtel Fiber Modem

You can block website URLs, Keywords, app names, and any other site URL that you want to block access in your network using the Airtel modem.

This step is for the ZTE Airtel fiber modem. However, you can also follow this guide to block websites in Airtel Nokia modem the settings menu might be different.

Go to the Internet- Security

Security- Filter criteria tab from the submenu.

Filter Switch and Mode configuration

URL Filter- ON (select ON option to enable URL filter in modem)

Mode- Black List ( if you want to black specific site added to this list then choose black list. If you want to allow only websites added to this network then use the White list.

Press Apply button and follow the next steps to add the website in the blacklist to restrict access to the network.

how to restrict websites

Add Websites and Apps to Black list

Once you enabled the URL filter and the filter mode is black list selected then the next step is adding multiple website URLs in the black list that you want to restrict in your network.

Go to URL filter and Create a New item to add your website and apps in the black list as follows below steps.

Press on Create New Item

New Item

Name- Facebook (Website name)

URL- ( URL of the website you want to block in your Airtel broadband internet)

Press the Apply button to save the list.

blocking websites in airtel xtream

To add multiple website names create New items one by one and add URLs in the black list as shown above steps. After adding all websites reboot your router and check all websites and apps added to the black list will block and can not access anymore in the networks. If you wish to unblock a specific website from the black list to the white list then you can follow the below steps.

How to Unblock Website in Airtel Fiber Modem?/

Adding a website to the blacklist may need only for a certain time period such as during kids’ exam, test, and other things but how to unblock a specific website from the black list help you to block and unblock the website as you need it.

Go to the internet- Security option as followed above steps.

Security- Filter criteria

URL Filter

You will get all the website lists that you blocked in the network. Click on the website you want to unblock from the blacklist and delete it as shown below image.

unblock airtel broadband blocking websites

After deleting the Check website should unblock and your mobile and PC can access the unblocked site.

Although this guide is for blocking websites in Airtel Xstream ZTE fiber modem blocking websites in other modems is almost the same only the settings menu might be different and the location of the option may change. You can use this manual to block and unblock any website that you want to restrict in your network.

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